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Stila’s Santa Monica Boulevard Trio

10 Nov

This is an amazing trio from Stila. It’s not your basic neutral browns, but it’s defiantly still wearable for school and work.

This trio is called Santa Monica Boulevard and features Coy, Mystic and Poise.


*All swatches are without a base*

You can purchase this trio for $10 on the Stila website. You heard me, TEN BUCKS for THREE Stila Eyeshadows! WOWZA!

Coy (top) is a light pale pink. It lacks a bit in pigmentation but when using this trio I use it as a brown bone highlight. Not the selling point of the trio…

Mystic (middle) is the color that made this buy completely worth it! I find this color to be so unique and have the most beautiful sheen to it, especially when used wet. It’s a light Sea Foam Green. I have never seen another eye shadow like this. I will cry when it’s all gone.

Poise (bottom) is a plummy burgundy color. It’s a great color to pop into the crease or to run across the lash line.  It’s not extremely unique and I have some other eyeshadows in my collection similar to it, but if you don’t have it, it’s a great color to add to your collection.

THANK YOU STILA FOR MAKING THIS PACKAGING! This palette is in a sleek black case with a window so I can see the colors. It’s great for travel. Sadly, it doesn’t have a mirror but I normally travel with one. Also is makes the packaging lighter.


Overall: I would say if you can get your hands on it, go for it! At about $3.25 per shadow you can’t go wrong. I would may $10 for just Mystic! Let me know if you want to see a tutorial using this trio!



ELF Day2Night Brightening Eye Color Quad ✯✯✯✯✯

8 Nov

I. Love. ELF.

Guess how much this quad was? $1!!!! And they have so many different quads, you could live off them!

*all swatches are without any base!*

I would recommend using a base to prevent creasing!

This quad is called Day2Night. It’s my personal favorite because you can use it for school and for a night out! Hence the name.

This quad includes an off white color, a burgundy  a chocolate/grey brown and a copperish brown.

The off white isn’t my favorite, but if you’re traveling it can be used as a brown bone color. The burgundy color is to die for!

It’s not too red that it’s unwearable but it gives you a subtle warmth to your face.

The brownish grey color is great as either a liner or a crease color. Now the copperish brown has the most amazing sheen to it. All these colors are shimmery and/or contain glitter.

The packaging isn’t too bad. For $1 you can’t expect much. It’s slim and AMAZING for travel. It includes a sponge tip applicator and under that it has a tiny mirror. One small complaint is that the eye shadows come in triangles and it will be hard to use up all the eyeshadow once you hit pan.

You can buy this at either target or eyeslipsface.com/ for only ONE DOLLAR! $.25 per shadow. I kid you not. I have tried a few others as well including Butternut (Like), Drama (Like), Ethereal (Dislike), Brownstone (LOVE), Teal Dream (ehh) and Ocean Dreams (ehh).